North Carolina Walking Horse Ladies Auxiliary

The NCWHLA would like to invite you as a member of the NCWHA to join our organization or if you were a prior member to re-join.  The Auxiliary was founded in 1984 for the purpose of:


·        Promoting public interest and awareness of the Tennessee Walking Horse;

·        Awarding financial assistance in the form of an educational scholarship; and

·        To be organized exclusively for education and civic purposes


The Auxiliary has for many years focused our charity efforts toward helping the Holy Angels Foundation in Belmont North Carolina.  Holy Angels serves children and adults who have mental and physical disabilities, providing innovative programs to teach practical skills for living, social interaction, and job training in an environment of respect and unconditional love.   Proceeds from our "Walking For The Children" horse show, annual Sneak Preview Bake Sale, Dog Show and Fall Fundraiser go toward our annual contribution to the Holy Angels. 


In addition to helping a worthy cause like the Holy Angels, your membership will allow you to show in one of our "members only" classes in the Performance Division.  We also offer an Overall High Point Rider Award in both the Performance and Pleasure Division.  This allows our members to accumulate points throughout the year whether they show in an Auxiliary class or not.  The only requirement we have to show in one of our classes is to be a paid member, attend one meeting, serve on one of our committees.  To be eligible for the High Point Awards, we ask that you volunteer for one of our committees/projects during the year and sell $150 in class sponsorships for our annual horse show..  If volunteering is not an option for you, then you can fulfill your requirement by selling at least 2 Full Class Sponsorships.

For information on the Ladies Auxiliary, please contact NCWHA. A NCWHLA Membership Application is available on the forms page or may be downloaded here.


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